story of princess Akari

 BOKARO star which is at approximately 500 light-years of location from
the earth,was highly civilized world with Japanese ancient culture

In this star,there was the holly cherry blossom tree,which was like
a Time machine.
Anyone who was wrapped in the shower of its petals can go beyond the
time and space, to his or her own "land of happiness" by the tree`s
spiritual power. The tree was called "JIKUUZAKURA"

A thousand and hundreds of years ago, on the earth, in the country of
Yamato,(which is now called Japan)
there was a tribe that had highly developed culture,art and astronomy.
When the tribe was attacked by a neighbor country, it was disappeared
into the shower of flower petals as well as a huge cherry blossom tree.
The tribe was ancestor of a family named "Bokaro".
This story has been told from long time ago.

The time of death was approaching to the BOKARO star.
And JIKUUZAKURA was also approaching to the life expectancy and its
power was also becoming weak.
People discussed about JIKUUZAKURA and decided to pour the remaining power
into princess Akari.
Because she was the special child who was in a Prediction note.

They put the baby princess in a cradle,and placed it under the old holly
tree. They also brought a secret treasure - A fan that brings a breeze of
happiness. People gently closed the fan,and put it on breasts
of the sleeping Princess.
They hummed the Holly song of journey,and called southern wind.
The wind made shower of the flower petals,and gently wrapped the cradle.
Just at that time, a rabbit jumped into the cradle. The rabbit`s name was
"Popolo",who always played together with the princess since she was born.

The shower of cherry blossoms which wrapped the cradle danced in the air.
Shone brightly in the light, then slowly disappeared as if fog cleaved away.
Using its last power, body of the tree has died. But the tree`s spirit has
companied the Princess to guide her.

Near the village in some Japanese mountains、BOKAROnokimi Akari hime and
Popolo appeared in the shower offlower petals of the cherry trees
by the river, one night. She was growing in a girlhood.
Yes. She was led to " The land of happiness ". It was the home land ,
the home star of her old ancestors.

Now She begins to sing wishing that peace and happiness will be brought
to the hearts of all people.

☆☆☆ Of the BOKARO clan for whom it was left, after that.☆☆☆
In the BOKARO star which had no war for a thousand and hundreds of years,
People highly developed art and spirit. Even tragedies such as the several
time of the falling of huge meteorites,
have helped them developed their science and technology.

Just before the collapse of a BOKARO star, They escaped by completing the
invention of a huge space craft with high speed and self-sufficient plantation.
They have set their destination to the earth.
According to BOKARO astrology, the probability that BOKARO people can alive here
is 50% , and in 300years ~ 500years.
Meanwhile a study of explication of speeding of a spacecraft and a mechanism of
JIKUUZAKURA will be to be able to advance.

But Imagine! What the earth is like by the time. We can do nothing but wish.
Sincerely that the world like these songs still remain.