The Ambient shouka?

"Shouka" is the song made for japanese school educations from Meiji Period
till just before the Second World War.
Listening to those songs dear to the heart of most of Japanese and that
heals people's heart.
Beside Shouka ,in This "The Ambient Shouka" selection contains Okinawa folk
music・Gagaku( was developed around 10th century)・Classical music and
Original music. It has been directed naturally there by meeting with
this vocaloid diva Akarihime ofBokalo star

who was supposed to come from beyond the 500 light-years of the universe.

And there exists the spirit of "WA" behind all the melody lines and in
between verses of context.
Now what is "WA" ?  
Just this single sound of 2 letters word means "Japan" it self and a lot
Such as "peace" "harmony" "calm" "calmness" "serenity" "sum" e.t.c・・・

Most famous WA appeared "Article 17 of the Constitution by Prince Shotoku
in the 7th century.
Saying " We all have to live and work in "WA" (in peace and in harmony)."
Since then this message has become the spirit of "WA"and has gone deeply
rooted in the heart of people.
But it was the spirit that always has existed since the days of the
Japanese mythology.
Japan had been called "WA-koku" (= country of WA) already in B.C.150.
So the spirit of WA is forever un-erasable identity from japanese heart .
And this is the point of origin to create strength , kindness and beauty.

Now back to "The Ambient Shouka",
It is based on shouka, adding an Oriental ,Western various musical elements、
and finished as ambient music with the spirit of WA.
We hope you enjoy the music wishing that peace and happiness will be brought
to all of your heart.
As "WA" also means circle , we hope the music spreads to the world as
a ripple of "WA".
                      by Bokaloplanet